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Yes, our Xspurt Hyaluronic Acid Filler has Lidocaine inside which under strict quality control and assurance system (GMP, ISO).
It has a consistent and even extrusion force which enables a sophisticated procedure with stable and comfortable injection.

No BDDE residues have been detected before and after sterilization, eliminating side effects and maximizing safety.
Few cases of side effects happen(eg. swelling) usually because of the skills of practitioners, not the product itself.

Our Xspurt’s ZERO(Zero BDDE & Reliable Operation) Technology can eliminate and dissolve the impurities and substances.
After injection, those impurities can be pull out and dissolve with water like fluid. It’s a safe and guaranteed product, with 20 years development of the industry’s top health professionals.

Company at least has 5 years establishment, with 10 employees or above.

Compared with US or other brands, we provide a competitive pricing package to our partners as well as distributors.
For more details or inquiries, please contact to our Customer Service.